the story of our place, where camping meets mountains and the sea with glamour...


I´m passionate for travelling, culture and people, and I believe that there is no better place to find this than on the countryside, where life goes slow, stress free, in a relaxing environment, where people are more welcome.

After lived away from Madeira from 17 years, I wanted to come back and give opportunity to the world to experience an amazing countryside.

Soul Glamping is located in “Prazeres” that means pleasure, where we have a mix of country, amazing panorama mountains and sea views, where is guarantee spectacular sunsets and sunrise, surrounded by nature and wild life, all of this with the maximum comfort.

This is also, what really defines me, and what I was looking for, after living in London for so many years.

The project starts with me still in the UK, however, in early 2017 I returned to Madeira and finally in July 2017 we started the project, which was finished in March 2018.

Those particular tents was chosen for that place, not only for the elegance and design, but also because of the maximum main window, that allow you to see more nature, more sunsets and sunrise and more sea, all from your own bed.

All the tents have different positions and views. They are also super resistant to any kind of weather condition. You can seat back by the fireplace and enjoy the rain’s sound until you fall asleep.

There is lot to do and experience around the area, with so many nature activities, in addition to the history, culture and people.

We are waiting for you, in the hope that your visit can stay in memory forever...

Yours sincerely

Germana Francisco